Youth Accounts



With Central, saving is easy! If you are 17 years of age or younger, you may open your Central savings account with only $5.00. Then, within 3 months bring the account balance to the $25.00 required minimum. Have money saved in a piggy bank? There is no need to roll your loose change. Simply bring in your loose change and let Coin Counter do the counting for you. Start your membership today and become a part of our family!


*Open a new youth account and receive a free gift*


Make finance fun. The following web site has games and other interactive tools to keep younger kids engaged as you teach financial literacy: The Mint


Future Leader Checking 

Are you 15 to 17 years of age and want to learn the financial responsibility of having your own checking account?  Central offers a Future Leader Checking account that includes many benefits such as...


• No monthly service fee 

• Visa Debit Card (no monthly fee)  

• Overdraft Protection from your savings account 

• Access By Phone (formerly MTS)

• Free E-Branch Banking 

• Free E-Statements 

• Free Bill Payer 

• Free Mobile Banking 

• Free Cents-to-Savings 

• Free Coin Counter 

• Up to 12 complimentary checks available at account opening

CreataCard ($10 value, FREE for a limited time)

 (Parent, Grandparent, or Guardian must be joint on Future Leader Checking account.)