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Digital Wallet

Introducing Digital Wallet

You may now use your mobile device as your wallet. No need to carry a wallet full of cash and cards. With Digital Wallet, all you need is your phone or mobile device to make payments. 

Securely store and use your Central Credit Union debit and credit cards on your mobile device – like smartphones and smartwatches – to easily make purchases on the go at participating businesses.

While you should always be concerned about your personal information, major digital wallet apps are considered safe. In fact, they are likely safer than carrying your sensitive documents in a wallet.


Store your Central Credit Union debit or credit card on any of these three apps by visiting the app store on your mobile device:

  Apple Pay Logo         Samsung Pay Logo        Google Pay Logo  


FAQ’s about Digital Wallet


Is your device compatible? 

Apple Pay:
Please visit here for a full list of compatible Apple devices.

Google Pay:
For a full list of supported ways to pay, please visit here.
For a full list of supported carriers and compatible devices please visit here.

Samsung Pay:
For a full list of supported carriers and compatible devices please visit here.


Find out more about where each individual wallet is accepted by visiting their websites:

Apple Pay

Google Pay 

Samsung Pay




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