E-Statement FAQ

Central E-Statement FAQ’s What are E-Statements?

E-Statements are an electronic delivery of your monthly or quarterly statements, which will take the place of your mailed paper statement.

How much does Central Credit Union E-Statements Service Cost?

They are FREE! There is no charge for Central Credit Union’s E-Statement services.

Who is eligible to receive E-Statements?

Anyone that receives a statement is eligible to receive E-Statements.

How do I sign up for E-Statements?

You must be enrolled in Central’s E-Branch Banking service to access E-Statements online.  After selecting Settings, then Additional Services, you can enable E-Statements.

How do I access my E-Statements after I have enrolled?

Select the E-Statement option under the Account Section.  If you have access to multiple accounts choose the account you want to view.  We have provided two formats: HTML and PDF.

How far back can I look at my account history with E-statements?

Statements are archived for 4 years.

What computer requirements do I have to have to access my E-Statements?

Use the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Are Central Credit Union’s E-Statements safe and secure?

Yes, they are viewed and stored on a SSL (Secured Socket Layers) server with multiple layers of encryption.

How do I change my email address to which the E-Statement notifications are sent?

Send a secure message from E-Branch or visit one of our branch locations.

If I sign up for Central’s E-Statements will my Central Visa Credit Card statement still come in the mail?

No, by signing up for E-Statements this will include signing you up for VISA E-Statements as well!

Are there any other statements available through E-Branch?

Yes, Members can access tax reporting statements such as 5498s and 1099s.

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