Express Direct Deposit

Get paid sooner with Express Direct Deposit.

Did you know that many companies and government agencies that send payroll and other payments electronically, often send it before your actual payday? We understand that waiting for payday can sometimes be tough when you need access to your money now. With our Express Direct Deposit service, you can receive your paycheck or federal benefits up to two days faster for a minimal charge. With access to your funds up to two days early payday has never been better.


  • Express Deposit is the service offered to both individual and business members who wish to have their pending direct deposits posted early to their account.
  • Any type of deposit/payment, i.e., government benefits, treasury, payroll, etc. is eligible to be posted when it shows pending (deposits may be to savings, checking, money market, etc.).
  • The deposit must be payable to a person (owner or joint owner) on the receiving account to be eligible for Express Deposit. The request may be made by any party who is authorized to sign on the account.
  • The member must request Express Deposit during our business hours.  The cut-off time for posting eligible payments on the day of request is 4:00 pm each business day. If the request is made after 4:00 the deposit may not post until the following business day.
  • When the deposit shows as pending in E-branch/mobile banking the request may be made, as long as the date is no more than two business days before the intended settlement date.  Requests will not be taken and held for submission on a future date.

    For example: 

    • If the deposit appears in pending transactions on Tuesday, the 5th with a settlement date of Wednesday, the 6th or Thursday, the 7th, the Express Deposit can be approved for request to post on Tuesday, the 5th.
    • If the deposit appears in pending transactions on Tuesday, the 5th with a settlement date of Friday, the 8th, the Express Deposit cannot be approved.  The request must be made on Wednesday, the 6th to request the Express Deposit. 
  • This service must be requested each time a payment is received, it cannot be set as a reoccurring service. 
  • The $5 fee will post after the deposit is posted to the account. Any auto transfers tied to the deposit from that payor/originator will occur as normal when the deposit is posted.



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