Direct Deposit

Use Direct Deposit to receive your paycheck or federal benefits electronically. Central Credit Union Routing & Transit Number - 263281750.

Benefits include:

  • Safety – eliminates the possibility of theft from your mailbox.
  • Convenience – eliminates the need to come in to the office to make your deposit.
  • Privacy – no one else will know when you receive your deposit.
  • Sensible – saves you time and could mean more interest paid to your deposit when posted to an interest  bearing account.

Did you know that many companies and government agencies that send payroll and other payments electronically, often send it before your actual payday? We understand that waiting for payday can sometimes be tough when you need access to your money now. With our Express Direct Deposit service, you can receive your paycheck or federal benefits up to two days faster for a minimal charge. With access to your funds up to two days early payday has never been better.

Important Information on the Direct Deposit of your Treasury Check -   Go Direct

Go Direct

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