VISA Debit Card FAQs

How do I activate my debit card?
Once you have received your debit card, activate or make a PIN change by phone by calling (800) 290-7893, International (206) 624-7998 available 24-hours a day, or (850) 474-0970 or (800) 375-2235 during business hours.

What is the difference between a debit card and a credit card?
A debit card is connected directly to your checking account.  Any purchase you make comes from the funds in your checking account.  A credit card is considered a loan that you must pay back with interest. Please visit for more detailed information on credit, debit, and pre-paid cards.

How do I pay with a VISA debit card?
VISA Debit card transactions can be completed in a number of ways: sign your receipt; place an order online or by phone or mail; enter a personal identification number (PIN); or simply swipe your card at select merchants that do not require your signature.

Why do some merchants not require a signature or PIN?
Many merchants do not require a PIN or signature for VISA Debit card transactions for small purchase amounts. This helps speed up checkout. Similarly when you shop online or by phone and can't sign for your purchase, you still receive all the benefits your VISA Debit card provides when you select VISA as your payment option.

What is the difference between debit and credit transactions?
When you run a debit transaction, you type in your PIN, and the funds are immediately deducted from your account.

When you run a credit transaction, you sign for your transaction, and the transaction is processed through the VISA network.  The funds may or may not be immediately deducted from your account.

Where can I use a VISA debit card?
You can use your VISA debit card anywhere worldwide VISA is accepted.

Can I pay my bills with a VISA debit card?
Yes, using your VISA Debit card is a fast and easy way to pay your bills. You save time and avoid the hassle of writing checks and paying late fees or missing payments. You can pay for wireless phone service, cable/satellite TV and insurance, and even set up recurring payments. Plus you get all the benefits VISA Debit card provides, including greater convenience, enhanced security and easier record keeping.

At which ATMs can I use my debit card?
As a member of Central Credit Union, you will have access to more than 25 ATM machines in the Pensacola area, and as a member of the Co-Op and Allpoint networks, we offer access to thousands more surcharge-free and deposit taking ATMs nationwide. See our complete list of surcharge-free ATMs in the Pensacola and Panama City area.

What is Cents-to-Savings?
Cents-to-Savings is a convenient and easy way to increase your savings automatically by making purchases with your VISA debit card.  If your transaction required change, CCUFL will round up to the next whole dollar and deposit the rest of the change in the savings account of your choice. For more information please visit our Cents-to-Savings page.

What is overdraft coverage?
If a transaction using your debit card brings your checking account into the negative, CCUFL will pay the remainder of the purchase, but you will be charged a $30 processing fee for every transaction made while the account is negative. Learn more about overdraft coverage.

What does CCUFL have in terms of security and protection?

What do I do if my debit card is stolen?

If you notice fraudulent activity on your VISA Debit card, visit our Visa Card Services page or call (850) 474-0970 or (800) 375-2235 during business hours. Nights, weekends, and holidays call 888-297-3416. It is important to continually monitor your monthly statement to identify any unauthorized transactions.

What do I do if I lose my debit card?
If you have misplaced or lost your VISA debit card, visit our Visa Card Services page or call (850) 474-0970 or (800) 375-2235 during business hours. Nights, weekends, and holidays call 1-888-297-3416. Central will gladly order you a new card. A $10 processing fee may be required.  

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