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Cents to Savings

Make every Central Credit Union of Florida debit card transaction count.

Cents-to-Savings is a convenient and easy way to increase your savings automatically by making debit card purchases like you already do, such as buying groceries, getting gas, going out to dinner and more!

To enroll in Cents-to-Savings visit any CCUFL office or complete and drop off an enrollment form at any office location.


Cents-to-Savings FAQs.

How does it work?

When you enroll in Cents-to-Savings all Visa Debit Cards connected to your checking account will round up and transfer to your designated savings account. Both signature and pin-based transactions made with Central Visa Debit Cards qualify for Cents-to-Savings.

What do I need to enroll in Cents-to-Savings?

You will need a Central checking account, and a Visa Debit Card.

How do I enroll in Cents-to-Savings?

Visit any of our branch locations to complete your enrollment form.

How much does Cents-to-Savings Cost?

Cents-to-Savings is a FREE service available to Central members.

How can I track my savings?

You can view your daily savings through E-Branch.

How often is my Cents-to-Savings transferred?

Cents-to-Savings amounts will accumulate for one transfer to the designated savings account per day.

What if I do not have the total aggregate amount to transfer from my checking account?

If you do not have the total aggregate amount then the available amount will be transferred. (Example - Your total Cents-to-Savings to be transferred is $1.50. $1.00 is available in your checking account. Then $1.00 will be transferred).

What savings account may I designate my cents to go to?

You may designate one savings account within the same member number of the enrolled checking account including IRA Accumulator accounts.

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