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smsGuardian Visa Text Alerts

Central is now offering smsGuardian TextTM Alerts for Visa credit and debit card transactions.  This is a free fraud prevention service for Central members.*  


What smsGuardianTM Text Alerts do for you:

  • Sends text alerts about suspicious Visa debit or credit card activity directly to cardholders.
  • Routes notification of fraud to analysts for card blocking and follow up.
  • Supports all major phone service carriers. 
  • Notifies cardholders when enrollment of smsGuardianTM Text Alerts is up for renewal and provides members with the opportunity to continue the free service via text message.*
  • Allows Central members to enroll up to two mobile devices per card.
  • Supports “do not disturb” mobile settings when messages can be queued and sent later.


 Alerts will be sent to each registered device for:

  • International Transactions
  • Card Not Present - Online or Telephone Transactions
  • Out-of-State Transactions


 How smsGuardianTM Text Alerts work:

  • When you receive a smsGuardianTM Alert and the purchase is valid, do not respond to the text message.
  • If the purchase is fraudulent, reply as instructed in the message so that your card will be blocked.  


 How to opt out of smsGuardianTM Text Alerts:


 For assistance in regards to this service, you may reply "help" in response to a text alert.


Sign up for smsGuardianTM now.  View Terms and Conditions.



For your convenience, so that your card is not flagged for unusual activity, please inform Central any time you will be traveling.  Keeping Central informed of expected changes in spending patterns will help to verify your transactions and avoid any interruptions of service.  


*Message and data rates may apply.  Should you change mobile service providers, you may be required to re-enroll your mobiles device(s) for smsGuardianTM Text Alerts.  Your cell phone or mobile device must have the capacity to send/receive text messages.  


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